AHS-P1-4. China’s Video Game Market

Demar Corcino1
Faculty Mentor: Kimberly Nehls, Ph.D.2
1Lee Business School, Department of Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology
2Lee Business School, Department of Marketing and International Business

About 720 million people in China play video games. Of those people, 110 million are under the age of 18. With China’s new regulation on gaming limiting children under 18 to 3 hours a week of gaming, will this affect the longevity of video game sales? Data analyzed by passports country analysis in 2021 sales are expected to reach 306 million CNY and is expected to grow by 30million CNY in 2022. The leading factor to the growth is Covid-19. As China’s Society returns to normal after the pandemic and having these regulations on children under 18, it is expected that the revenue growth should be lower than the expected growth in 2022. Looking beyond 2022 if this limitation is still apparent then the new generation will most likely not be exposed to video games as much as they are now which would affect the video game markets in China. In the future, most Chinese video games will not be catered to children because the target market dwindles with the regulations. In conclusion, China is run through a strict government and may implement more limitations to further impact video game sales. The Chinese government owns the majority of all sales of the video game market in China and may further implement regulations that avoid targeting children with video games. The longevity of Video games and sales may be in fact on a steady decline in the upcoming years.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


AHS: Poster Session 1
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The Office of Undergraduate Research


6 Replies to “AHS-P1-4. China’s Video Game Market”

  1. This is a great concept to discuss! I love how you included China’s strict government system and how this may very potently impact the gaming industry. From my understanding of the gaming industry in China, the majority of their target audience are students because of their level of stress from difficult schoolwork and household difficulties. Moreover, with them studying for college examinations and waiting for their acceptance letters, which is of huge importance in Chinese academics and cultural significance, gaming is a way for them to escape reality into a different dimension. Especially with the difficult, and demanding education system in China where there is strict punishment for those who disobey academic rules and policies, it results in a strong impact on their mental and physical health. There are also very many success stories where professional Chinese e-sports players win championships. I believe all of these major factors can support your discussion on gaming production in the long term and how they positively and negatively impact children’s perspectives on gaming. Overall, great presentation and analysis details, I enjoyed learning more about China’s video game market!

  2. Great Work! I agree with you that with all the restrictions on video games in China, the sales of the video game market in China would definitely be affected and if they keep implementing these rules. Although I don’t think that this is a bad thing because some violent video games might have negative effects towards children’s mental health and too much video games may also cause eye problems to children.
    However, I do expect that China to remove the new 3 hours a week gaming regulation for children under the age of 18 because China have achieved big success on e-sports worldwide. About 2 weeks ago back in November 6, 2021, Chinese e-sport team EDG(Edward Gaming) just won the 2021 League of Legends Worlds Championship Final against a Korean team named “Damwon”. It was the first China ever won a World Championship competition and it certainly has inspired a lot of people. I’m Chinese, I remember all my friends in China were celebrating about it and the news just blew up on social media. With that being said, younger generations in China will be inspired and they will have passion about video games and Chinese government may be removing those regulations one day. Therefore, I don’t agree that e-sports market in China will be affected.

  3. That’s very interesting, great work! I have heard about china limiting gaming for teens under the age of 18, all over my social media. I definitely agree that if China keeps implementing these rules it will affect the game’s sales and the exposure of the game to children. China won’t like to be the top competitor for E-Sports as children will grow inexperienced with games due to their game time restriction. Children from China will be at a disadvantage since other countries encourage children to start playing games, especially around the high school range as they offer programs that have e-sports competitions. Future children from China will likely grow up with limited knowledge of video games and won’t be able to experience the full benefits. Studies have shown that video games improve gray matter, critical thinking, health benefits, reaction timing, persistence, team communication, strategy planning, determination, and eye coordination along with faster thought process and reducing stress. If china keeps these restrictions and adds continue to add more children won’t be likely to flourish in the gaming department and these will drastically affect the games sales and E-sports division.

  4. Great work! Your research is incredibly relevant to me and I have always wondered if China cares about how this negatively affects their E-Sports scene? China recently just won the world championship for one of the biggest E-Sports games (League of Legends) so you would think that they would want their country to keep an advantage in a growing market. I remember seeing that views on the tournament reached billion(s) from China alone.

  5. Wow, it is shocking that China is trying to regulate the video-game playing rates by completely limiting the amount of time a child could play per day. I heard about this news a few months back but did not realize it actually came true. This is especially with how successful China is in the E-Sports scene.

    1. This was a very interesting presentation. The Chinese government has a global impact when they restrict things like this. If they restrict one thing it can cause a major hole in a major industry. Another example of this is in the movie industry. The Chinese government will ban movies which causes a box office hole. This because of the amount of people in China. If they keep up restrictions like this in the video game industry and in the film industry, this could cause and economic problem in for many countries.

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