AHS-L1-5. Coca-Cola Brand Attitudes Among UNLV Students

Debanhi Gutierrez1
Faculty Mentor: Eda Anlamlier, Ph.D.1
1Lee Business School, Department of Marketing and International Business

Students grow up with popular brand name food products that become universally familiar across households. These students form attitudes and perceptions towards these products and brands. In this research, we will look at the positive and negative attitudes that UNLV students associated with the Coca-Cola brand and Coca-Cola soda. This will be conducted through a quantitative survey that will account positive and negative attitude along with demographics. Results will show what attitudes UNLV students in Las Vegas have toward this brand and soda products. Ultimately, this research will give insight as to whether UNLV students regard this brand and product with more positive or negative attitudes.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


AHS: Lighting Talk Session 1
The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research


7 Replies to “AHS-L1-5. Coca-Cola Brand Attitudes Among UNLV Students”

  1. I really liked how your presentation is on the point. since the factual bases are more likely to be in a younger age gap like you said from 18-24, It wouldn’t have been different if it was in a older aged group. Regarding how there were no significance effects of age and gender of childhood memories in the case of the brand, I think it also ties into much more other soft drinks brand that we can choose from. I would love to see more further investigation and analysis of how it might the brands attitude goes towards the students and how it will effect the company or brand. I am more a visual person, so maybe input more slides and more information background and be a little more detailed.

  2. Hi Debanhi,
    Thank you so much for your presentation. It was really interesting finding out how other UNLV students have childhood memories with soda brands because I personally do too. I am quite surprised how age didn’t have a more significant impact as the younger generation don’t drink sodas as much as the older generation. My mom, for example, didn’t let me drink sodas until later on and used to say that I needed to drink water instead of sodas if I wanted to grow up. Very funny of her.

    Great job!

  3. Great presentation. I personally have no stance on soda drinks and probably won’t be able to tell you the difference between brands.
    I found it interesting that your research so far showed that childhood nostalgia may not necessarily translate to brand loyalty towards adulthood and how gender does not factor into this preference either.
    I hope you discover if other demographics have an effect on Coca-Cola preference in the future!
    Thank you for sharing your presentation in a clear and concise way.

  4. Excellent presentation and experiment, Debanhi! As someone who used to drink soda multiple times a day, I have felt both attitudes about Coca-cola. It would be interesting to see further correlations between other variables and attitudes with Coca-cola. Interestingly, there was no correlation between age and mood, as I would expect more nostalgia to be associated with older generations. Maybe testing states students were from could create some exciting and decisive results. Your presentation was not only swift, but it packed a lot of easy-to-digest information into such a short time. The only criticism I could think of maybe is maybe add some excitement to back your voice. Other than that, great job!

  5. Hello Debanhi,
    I quite enjoyed your presentation. I think the nanography was a genius idea! Utilizing social media is something I feel that many don’t do enough so great job thinking outside that box! I love the facts that you included and how easy it was to understand your data. Although, I am slightly surprised that age didn’t have any impact becasue I tend to see older crowds enjoying Coca-Cola more so than younger crowds.

  6. Hi Debanhi! Great presentation, it was very unique and interesting. I like how you combined marketing knowledge and statistical skills to this project. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Debanhi,
    I really like how your experiment revolved around a staple drink item. I, as well, identify with many consumers who love Coca Cola due to its delicious taste and nostalgia. Gender not having a strong correlation with nostalgic feelings isn’t very surprising. However, I did think age would have at least a mild correlation with nostalgia, with older individuals having stronger childhood memories regarding Coca Cola. I also love how this research is ongoing! I would love to see more variables tested in your experiment. For example, maybe you could examine how factors such as housing income have an effect on positive Coca-Cola associations. In addition, I would love to see an investigation on if the bandwagon effect is correlated with the positive perceptions of satisfactory flavor, nostalgia, etc. Your presentation was so well-constructed and informative! Great job!

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