HNSE-P6-1. Comparison of Flights Climbed Between Garmin and Fitbit Devices

Javen Miguel1
Alan Garcia2
Melissa Strehlow2
Dustin Davis2
Jeff Montes3
Faculty Mentor: James Navalta, Ph.D.2
1School of Public Health, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health
2School of Integrated Health Sciences, Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences
3Monmouth College, Department of Kinesiology

With exercise device technology and consumer interest in the field growing, it is important for users to be confident that their wearable fitness devices accurately track their flights climbed. Two manufacturers of devices that track flights climbed are Garmin and Fitbit. Comparing the measurements of flights climbed between devices from these two manufacturers is important to inform consumers as they decide which device to purchase for flight-related activities. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to compare the measurements of flights climbed between the Garmin fēnix 5 and Fitbit Versa 2. METHODS: Eight participants were tested individually, and the two devices were assigned randomly to be worn on separate wrists. The participants climbed one, two, and three flights of stairs at a pace of 50, 75, and 100 steps per minute. Each device’s display of flights climbed was recorded at the beginning and end of each trial. A 2×9 repeated-measures ANOVA determined whether measurements of flights climbed per trial were significantly different. The α-level was 0.05 for the ANOVA and 0.006 for the post-hoc t-tests. RESULTS: Before adjusting the α-level, flights significantly differed between the devices in 4/9 trials. In every significant comparison, the fēnix 5 reported a lower mean number of flights climbed. However, after adjusting the α-level, flights climbed did not significantly differ between the devices for any trials. CONCLUSION: Depending on the speed of ascent and number of flights climbed, the fēnix 5 and Versa 2 may not provide the same number of flights.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


HNSE: Poster Session 6
The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research


5 Replies to “HNSE-P6-1. Comparison of Flights Climbed Between Garmin and Fitbit Devices”

  1. Great poster presentation! And a very interesting topic to me when it comes to step trackers and my fitness journey. I depend a great deal on my Apple iWatch when it comes to steps and activity tracking. This poster presentation made me think about how trackers do determine what is considered a flight of stairs. When observing how Garmin and Fitbit differ in this area, I think iWatch would also be a third product that could be observed to see how different it tracks between the other two trackers. Excellent information!

  2. Hello! My name is Javen Miguel and I am will be presenting this abstract/study during the OUR symposium. If you have any questions or feedback regarding my presentation, please comment down below and I will happily get back to you!

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