HNSE-L1-3. Development of a Mobile App for Project Management and Presentation


Jiaqi Li1
Faculty Mentor: Jorge Cacho Fonseca, Ph.D.1
1Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, Department of Computer Science

There is much information about research projects in the Economic Department. However, managing projects with different sizes is not easy. To solve this issue, we create a “showcase” app that has a functional database and user-friendly interface. It is very efficient and convenient. Users can extract information from the projects with filters. We use Unity platform to create the “showcase” app and SQL database to store and manage the data. Authorized users can edit, add, and delete the information of their projects in the app. The database is safe and protected. All of the information could be updated and shared among the users immediately. The app also has a rating system that helps us make future improvements.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


HNSE: Lightning Talk Session 1
The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research

3 Replies to “HNSE-L1-3. Development of a Mobile App for Project Management and Presentation”

  1. Hello.
    Through my analysis and understanding, I feel many project managers would be very grateful and appreciative of this app. As they are leaders, they have a significant role in teams’ organizational structure, which means creating a team that maximizes performance. Also, they have to have jobs done before deadlines and ideas. They have so much responsibility with only so much help, and it can be pretty draining and make the level of their work decrease. Such an application would make project managers’ jobs easier in so many ways that they could log into one app and view all of the necessary data. The theory and idea are excellent, and this app might be highly profitable with the help of skilled application designers.

  2. Hi! I think lots of project managers would thank you for this app. Being responsible for so many deadlines, teams, ideas can be hard to juggle around, making it hard to provide high-quality service without being drained. This app would facilitate project manager’s life in so many ways as they can log into one application and access all the data they have worked on. I like that you are able to access all your projects and that you can organize them by categories so they are easier to find. The concept is amazing and with the work of professional app designers, this app could be extremely successful. Definitely, an app that feels safe, organized, and efficient.

  3. Hello,
    I think this app will be very useful and it will help to save a lot of time and effort. It is very hard to manage a project and don’t miss any important date or deadline. It’s very good that there is a log in the place where only the authorized user can access the project, which makes it safe. It is very good that there is an option to delete the old projects or the ones that are not necessary, to avoid confusion and save storage. It will also be very effective if there is a share button where the authorized user can share it with others if needed and also give them options to modify the project if necessary. As you have mentioned, future improvements will make it even more interesting and effective, by giving lots of new options and opportunities to the users. Do you think it will be also very effective to include a calendar with different to-do tasks and deadlines to make it easier to manage the project?
    Overall, I guess you did a good job and it will be very useful for everyone, it will help to save time, money and energy.
    Great job!

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