HNSE-O3-4. Dynamics of Charged Matter With Magnetic Monopole Fields

Maci Kesler1
Faculty Mentor: Bernard Zygelman, Ph.D.1
1College of Sciences, Department of Physics and Astronomy

This project explores the dynamics of charged matter under the influence of a magnetic monopole field. Centuries of speculation has centered on the existence of magnetic monopoles. The lack of observational evidence of these particles has left us with a gap in our understanding of electromagnetism. Within Maxwell’s equations, the equations that describe electricity are not symmetric to those that describe magnetism. Modern quantum theories for the fundamental constituents of matter demand that magnetic monopoles were created copiously in the early Universe. Despite many unsuccessful attempts to find evidence of their existence, efforts in that search continue. More recently, theoretical and laboratory studies have demonstrated how effective magnetic monopole structures can manifest in spin ices created in the laboratory. In this study, we explore the dynamics of charged matter in the environment of a magnetic monopole and calculate the radiation signature of that encounter. We propose that the latter serve as a diagnostic in laboratory and astrophysical searches for these elusive particles. We derive the equations of motion using conservation laws and provide analytic solutions to scattering events. We used the analytical results to verify the predictions of our numerical algorithm. We developed a robust program capable of providing accurate solutions under a wide variety of parameter settings. Our results confirm that the scattering trajectories lie on the surface of a cone, as previous studies have found under more restrictive conditions. Our approach has provided a comprehensive analysis of charged matter’s motion and radiation signature in a monopole field.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


HNSE: Podium Session 3
The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research


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