AHS-P4-4. How The Pandemic Has Affected Christmas in the UK

Madeline Novak1
Salem Santacruz2
Faculty Mentor: Kimberly Nehls, Ph.D.3
1Lee Business School, Department of Finance
2Lee Business School, Department of Accounting
3Lee Business School, Department of Marketing and International Business

Christmas is the day in which many religious people commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Traditionally speaking, many celebrate Christmas by giving gifts and spending time with their loved ones. On average, British consumers spend at least 500 pounds on Christmas presents. But during 2020, companies felt the financial impact of the pandemic, where most consumers spent only 400 pounds, some regions even as low as 300 pounds. In a survey conducted, approximately 39 percent of respondents felt worried about their financial situation during Christmas. These findings suggest that while Christmas is a joyful season, it can also be a time of financial stress, and the pandemic only hardened the decisions that consumers had to make. We will compare 2019 sales to 2020 sales to analyze how the pandemic has affected not only companies profits but consumers spending habits as well.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


AHS: Poster Session 4
The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research


6 Replies to “AHS-P4-4. How The Pandemic Has Affected Christmas in the UK”

  1. Hi Madeline and Salem,
    I love how ya’ll included the Christmas colors within your poster, it brought together the whole idea. I found this to be quite informative as well as interesting. It is baffling that the UK’s GDP dropped 9.8% ! That is such an abrupt decline that I wonder how the economy dealt with that. Although Christmas is an amazing time, it truly does cause financial stress which I am glad ya’ll pointed out because many people seem to forget about that.

  2. Hello Madeline and Salem. I enjoyed listening to this presentation about how pandemic has affected Christmas in the UK. I think it is important to consider the factor of cost of living for each city when talking about spending habits. Cities like London and Manchester tend to have a higher cost of living than cities like Sheffield (South Yorkshire) and Leeds (West Yorkshire). Consumers from London would likely be able to afford to buy more things than consumers who live in Leeds during the pandemic. I think it is interesting to know that only fifty-two British pounds were spent on consumer electronics during 2020. I thought the consumer demand for electronics was high since people had to stay home during the lockdowns and rely more on electronic devices. Thus, I thought people would spend more money on buying electronics despite the pandemic. Overall, I like how smooth and simple this presentation is. Good Job!

    1. Thanks Krisitian for the information on the cities in England! That makes a lot of sense why people spend more in London versus somewhere like Leeds.

  3. Good morning! Thank you Madeline and Salem for the insightful information. As many countries probably dealt with the same impacts, I was surprised to see how much each region spent annually on Christmas. I think it would’ve been beneficial to compare the amounts to the United States Consumption, as I wasn’t sure how much 500 pounds was in US dollars. Surprisingly enough, Americans spend on average $1496 on Christmas versus Britain’s $671. I like how you brought up their spending on useful products as I’m sure many Britons struggled during the pandemic. As you stated, this shows that they were smart about their spending in which they didn’t feel it was necessary to spend on gifts that weren’t going to be useful. Also, you made a great point how electronics were purchased more than clothing or shoes where research shows that people are less likely to purchase items online that they are not able to try on. Overall, I enjoyed hearing about the impacts on Christmas in the United Kingdom. Great job!

    1. I like your suggestions Teilor! We were really trying to focus on the UK but I like how you compared American statistics. We really spend a lot on Christmas gifts!

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