AHS-P4-1. Italian Mafia and the Impacts it has on Society Today

Joshua Jordan1
Faculty Mentor: Kimberly Nehls, Ph.D.2
1Lee Business School, Department of Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology
2Lee Business School, Department of Marketing and International Business

Cosa Nostra, or the Italian Mafia, the roots of the American mob and that way of life lead to the inspiration to the Godfather and so many movies. This Digital research poster dives into the state of affairs of the Cosa Nostra in Italy. How many organizations there are, were, and will be. It also studies the immense effect the mafia has on crime in Italy from homicides to corruption. This poster looks into five different data sets over the years focusing on the relationship between what type of crime is being committed to the potency of the mob at that time. Although the amount of crime and the number of families have gone down significantly since the ’80s. The mafia in Italy is still alive and well compared to its counterpart in the states, with, crimes such as homicides, murder, extortion, gambling, and so on.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


AHS: Poster Session 4
The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research


4 Replies to “AHS-P4-1. Italian Mafia and the Impacts it has on Society Today”

  1. Great presentation Joshua!
    As I have been also been watching the Sopranos and have watched The Godfather, I have learned about Italian Mafia, but now how they are today. It is crazy how persistent they are in this world today, because everyone knows about the mafia, but can not do much about it. I liked the statistics you pulled and especially the one about waste management. I have heard stories about how the mafia uses their waste management businesses to launder their tax money like you said, but also to dispose of bodies or paraphernalia. My girlfriend is Italian, and we have been wanting to plan a trip to Naples, but after watching your presentation, I do not think we should go there anymore. Thank you for the advice and creating a great presentation!
    -Josh Sharman

  2. As I am an Italian, I found this presentation very interesting and enjoyable. I love how intriguing the Foundations of the mafia are and how it works. It is crazy how so many movies and shows are created on the culture of the Italian mafia. Interestingly, Italian mafia-related crimes have gone down since the 80s. However, I believe that it is hard to directly understand if crime statistics are a way to exemplify if the presence of the mafia is strong. It is still as strong as before, but they have just become more ingenious in what they do.

    Furthermore, you state that there are numerous types of mafia worldwide towards the end of your lecture. I also believe in comparing these facts regarding the Italian mafia to organized crime in other countries. This would significantly enhance the value of your research. We would observe if Italy is impacted considerably and try to explain why that is or is not the reality. In conclusion, I enjoyed this presentation as it was such an intriguing topic that has so much undiscovered.

  3. Hi Joshua,
    I found your presentation to be enjoyable and your poster is informative and well organized. I think it’s crazy how so many regions in Italy still have such a high number of deaths caused by the mafias especially Campania. In addition, I thought that the only places whose government was highly impacted by corruption where places with the cartel like in Mexico. Finally, I think its funny that Paulie Walnuts was an actual a mobster, I guess that why he was so good at playing one.

  4. This was a very intriguing topic! It’s incredible to hear that the romanticized mafia we most commonly associate with movies is actually an ongoing problem.

    You mention towards the end of your presentation that there are various forms of mafia across the world. I think it would lend your research much more significance if you were to compare these statistics about the Italian mafia to the impact of organized crime in other countries, that way we could see if Italy is disproportionately affected and attempt to explain why that is or is not the case. Without the comparison, it is difficult to tell whether the current crime statistics could be considered evidence of a “strong” mafia presence, especially when the numbers are significantly lower than in the past.

    Finding that the Italian mafia has a much more significant impact or that it has fared better than its international counterparts would strengthen your claim. On the other hand, if you were to find that crime rates linked to the Italian mafia had dropped significantly more than the rate of organized crime in other countries, then it might weaken your claim that the Italian mafia is still going strong. However, it could open up new opportunities to look into what factors of Italian government or culture have caused that difference.

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