OREO-6. Most Effective Advertising Methods

Shazray Akbar1
Faculty Mentor: Levent Atici, Ph.D.2
1The Meadows School
2Division of Research, Office of Undergraduate Research

Advertising is a critical part of gaining traction for companies, so researching and utilizing the best forms and tactics in advertising have been a major part of growth and creating a consumer base. This study aimed to investigate the most effective form of advertisement that can successfully make a lasting impact on consumers and urge them to buy the product being advertised. When analyzing data over popular advertisements with high success rates in recent years, one form of advertisement stands out, with an effective tactic also being highlighted. When regarding form, online advertising, especially in today’s day and age, has the greatest impact on consumers, and such ads easily can be found while browsing popular sites and social media. These ads are repeatedly cemented in consumers’ brains, and with an increasingly interconnected world with a high level of internet usage, online advertising has become a more popular form of advertisement. Companies which advertise online are able to target their products towards demographics which are more likely to purchase their goods through using available data and search histories, being more effective for their investment when compared to broad, in-person advertising. Aside from form, one tactic that more directly relates to video advertisement is ads which invoke a sense of “relatability”. Companies create a story in which consumers can easily identify with, strengthening consumer response. By using online advertising and creating relatable ads when advertising in video format, companies are shown to have more effective ads which create a larger consumer base.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research


14 Replies to “OREO-6. Most Effective Advertising Methods”

  1. Hi Shazray Akbar!
    Thank you for this presentation! As a marketing student, it is really important to understand how advertising methods not only evolve but even change completely as new ways to deliver information are being surfaced very frequently. For instance, the way social media has overtaken as the main source of advertisement is a significant change even if compared to only a few decades ago. The way the world is shifting and how people are influenced in different ways, help businesses and those who are involved with advertising, develop ways in which their products are effectively transmitted, essentially impacted the economy and the businesses involved. From small business to major cooperations, many business models are able to benefit from research like the one you described, so it is important and greatly appreciated that tings of the sort are conducted!

  2. Hello Shazray,
    I enjoyed listening to your presentation. There are many different ways companies can advertise, especially with the incorporation of technology. You did an amazing job summarizing the most effective ways to advertise. I was not surprised to see that social media (online advertising) was at the top of the “list”. In today’s society, almost everyone is on social media or at least has access to some form of technology. I liked how you included information about the importance of “finding a happy medium”, when it comes to online advertising. Respecting everyone’s privacy, is important, as it can affect the effectiveness of the ads, and the customer response. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hello Shazray,
    It was a very interesting presentation. Your ideas of how to effectively advertise products are fascinating, my favourite idea of this presentation was advertising through social medias. I completely agree with you that internet and social medias took over the world, and the best way to find something is to look up in your browser and even there most of the time first thing you will see that would be an advertisement. This is why companies started to shift they advertising expenditures from TV advertising into online advertising because it is more effective nowadays. Great presentation thank you!

  4. Hello, Shazray Akbar:
    Thank you for sharing this light talk with us. The impact and function of advertisements on enterprises These advertisements are produced to alleviate the unfair situation of information imbalance between buyers and sellers in the market environment of a commodity economy. Because advertising is fundamentally a kind of marketing communication, its most basic goal is to deliver product information to target audiences in order to influence their attitudes and behaviors towards products. Promote product sales by communicating production and sales information. And the way we advertise is very important because the most efficient advertising can lead to reduced marketing costs and stimulate competitive vitality. From the previous advertisements such as electric poles, bus stop signs, street signs, TV channels, etc., it became a web page, a web page, a TV web page, etc. But now we find out that you think your ad is pushing When the bus station, TV building, billboard, big screen, elevator, telephone pole, and webpage cover the sea, land, and even sky, it turns out that everyone only needs one thing to look at the mobile phone, so now it should be born from living habits, Focusing on end-to-end mobile, end-to-end advertising covering mobile phones Of course, multimedia advertising is the largest, and mobile and smart data and conversion are both ways. Of course, no matter how successful it is, it will definitely succeed in advertising content, graphics, and text. Otherwise, the effect will be negative. I’m very impressed with your lighting talk. Thanks again for your awesome work!!!!

  5. Hey Shazray,
    Great lightning talk and thank you for sharing your take on advertising in today’s world. It is crazy to think about the decline of TV ads, but also you could have added in Bilboards and physical ads because that has seen a huge reduction. According to your statistic, about 60% of advertising is done through social media or TV but if you look at 10 years ago it was most likely to be primarily physical or at least TV ads. One improvement I could add would be going into full screen mode before recording or cropping out before upload because i caught myself getting distracted by your folders at the top. My favorite part was when you showed the chart about the impact of targeted ads and how these apps are always tracking you. Apple recently came out with a program or feature about “Ask Apps Not to Track”, and I always click do not track. Everyday I still get targeted ads and think that my phone is reading my thoughts and listening to me at all times. Great job with your presentation I learned a lot through watching it!

  6. Hi Shazray!

    Awesome job on your presentation, you were an easy presenter to follow and your charts and graphs enhanced your presentation! I was not surprised to learn that social media has become the leader in the preferred platform for advertisers. Not only is advertising through social media effective, it is efficient as well, given that the advertisement can go up in the matter of a few clicks, while the process of creating an advertisement may still be a long and grueling one, releasing the finished product to the public is made simple with social media. You mentioned that newsprint and any sort of advertisement that requires printing is going out style, as it is now no longer the preferred method. Besides my previous point that the production and delivery times of such a newsprint are too costly and time consuming for the marketer, I wonder if there is an ecological reason behind the newsprints decline in popularity. As the world becomes to become more informed about climate change it seems that there are more steps we try to take to help stop it, and one of these things is recycling. I wonder if companies have also stopped printing their ads due to the fact they now have to take into consideration our environment. All in all, I truly enjoyed your presentation! Nicely done!

    -Johanna Torrez

  7. Hi Shazray,
    I really liked your presentation. I am a marketing major so this was a nice lesson. The idea of targeted marketing is such a hard topic. As you mentioned people want more relevant ads without their privacy being invaded. It was also interesting to see that there is such a high percentage of marketers using location and behavioral data already. I think that it will definitely be interesting to find a balance that make most people happy. The data you showed was great and could help visual learners with the graphs. The bar graphs also showing negative growth for ad spending on TV and print was also very insightful. This was a great topic and I only wish it was longer because of how interesting it is.

  8. Hello Shazray Akbar
    Your lightning talk was interesting to listen to as a marketing student. I was surprised to find that memes used in advertising are efficient. We talked about social media usage in marketing class and learned how some companies are more efficient with social media. We didn’t go over the personal name in marketing class when talking about Coca-Cola, but we talked about the interactive ad consumers can use their phones to interact with. It is surprising companies aren’t able to market more efficiently with their target market, even with data collected by internet search history. Memes and general campaigns like the personalized name would gain more support because internet search history isn’t invaded. Great job!

  9. Hello,
    I thought that your presentation was really good. I thought that your graph was very interesting in that digital marketing was the highest. After thinking about this, it makes sense as so much of the stuff we do is online. Most of the advertisements we see are also online as a result of this. People spend so much time on things like social media and Google, more so than watching TV! So this makes sense that most advertisements are digital. It is just crazy to think that people spend more time on social media than watching TV. The world has definitely changed in the past decade, and so has how we market things. So it makes sense that the best way to market something is online in general, as it would get out to more people as more people use social media than watch TV these days. Marketing on Tv and other platforms is still effective in my opinion, but just not as effective as digitally. Again, this is because so many more people are more likely to see the advertisements online, as people check social media all day. So it makes sense to market it there. We know that companies already do this and it is already a very effective method. Just goes to show that your presentation was on point!

  10. Hey Shazray! As a marketing student myself, I thoroughly enjoyed your lightning talk and how you discuss the increasing popularity of online media. Digital Marketing is such a fast-growing industry because it is very productive and proactive. The results from online advertisements have been proven to outshine the ones that are offline because of the increase in online web traffic. As you said, we owe this a lot to the pandemic because there was nowhere to go besides online and therefore businesses were able to market to users from their own homes. Social media is another great medium for advertising because people spend so much time on internet pages such as Instagram or TikTok and do not always realize we are being sold products. The issues of privacy and not being shown personalized advertisements are good points that companies need to fix. You mentioned Coke and Spotify but also Youtube is reaching out to their users between videos to learn more about their demographics and base the advertisements on that. Great talk, it was very informative and concise!

  11. Hi Shazray!
    I thought that your topic was really interesting because advertising is everywhere. It’s one of those things that will always exist, even if we want to skip ads all the time whenever we see them. Prior to watching your presentation, I was expecting the most effective form of advertising to be social media. The rising prevalence of social media influencers is the reason that led me to believe it would be social media. Your research proved just this: social media and the influencers who advertise the products have proven to be effective. The importance of companies having a strong online presence will be constantly increasing over the years. One thing that surprised me in your presentation was the figure that showed that TV Ad spending has decreased. I would’ve assumed it would’ve grown since TV is something that is still relevant and will probably be relevant for many more year. I think that the rise in streaming services accounts for this decrease. Another thing that surprised me is that so many people are willing to allow providing more data in order for their ads to be customized. I would’ve assumed that people don’t like giving their data away and would’ve valued their privacy more. I think you did a great job on your lightning talk, and I felt like I walked away knowing a lot more about your subject!

  12. Hi, Shazray Akbar,
    Congratulations on such a great presentation. I really like how you summarize all the information and share with us the most important points of it. I’m very passionate about advertising topics. I really think that is almost everything for a business/company; we can see how many businesses had to rebrand and create different strategies so they can recover from the pandemic and it actually works.
    In my personal opinion, Coca-Cola has one of the best marking plans, their strategies most of the time have a good impact; and positive feedback, particularly the one they personalized the bottles with names was awesome, everybody loved it and I’m pretty sure they grow as a company.
    Online advertising it’s very important, especially when a company it’s just starting, most companies spent a lot of money to have good marketing, and having a good marking can definitely make a company grow.

  13. Great Lightning Talk, Shazray. Having worked in the marketing and advertising industry, I couldn’t agree more with you about online advertising. To be relevant in today’s society, you and your company really need to have an online presence. Two little quotes or thoughts I love about advertising are these: Advertising and being creative in general is all about stealing someone’s idea, and finding a way to not get caught. The other is that in advertising and competing in general, you need to take what your competitor is doing, and just do it better. Advertising is all about creating a buzz. If you have a pitch or slogan that creates a “buzz”, online and social media will do the rest in promoting it. Coke’s idea was genius. They gave everyone a chance to have their name on a bottle of Coke, then the consumers advertised it for free as they all posted their personized bottle on their social media platforms. I thought you hit the nail right on the head. Awesome job!

  14. Hello, Shazray Akbar!
    Thank you for sharing your presentation on the most effective form of advertisement! Companies are able to continue their businesses by continuously advertising their new products and services. I agree that the biggest form of advertisement today is through online advertising. As you mentioned, the rising popularity in social media, and businesses shifting online helped online advertising take over TV advertisements. In your first slide, the top left chart shows that just three years ago, companies were willing to spend more money on TV advertisements. However, with the growing interest of online shopping, social media, blogs etc. it is likely that online advertisements will continue to grow. I also think that people will support advertisements that they can relate to. For instance, there are many companies today that supports social justice movements, and the environment on their social media and that strengthens consumer response towards their company. Overall, great presentation and slides that help support your research. Great job!

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