AHS-P4-3. Most Popular Fast Food Places in Germany 2015-2019

Sommer Negrillo1
Brandon Lagunas2
Ashleigh Hughes3
Nicholas Sulrzycki4
Faculty Mentor: Kimberly Nehls, Ph.D.3
1Lee Business School, Department of Accounting
2Lee Business School, Department of Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology
3Lee Business School, Department of Marketing and International Business
4Lee Business School, Department of Economics

The top three fast-food restaurants in Germany are McDonald’s, Burger King, and Nordsee. Even though Mcdonald’s is by far the most popular, they have had a dramatic decrease in revenue and net income when compared to other fast-food brands since 2012. Based on the research we have conducted, we can explain why McDonald’s is beginning to fail in one of its largest European markets. We learned that the main reasons for McDonald’s Germany’s decrease in revenue are consumers’ changing preference in fast food dining and the increase in healthier alternatives from local competitors. What is unique about this situation is that despite Mcdonald’s having control of most of the German market and a vast amount of resources and knowledge of operating in foreign countries, they continue to perform poorly when compared to their much smaller competitors. However, as dire as the situation is becoming, we believe that Mcdonald’s can turn its operation around by changing its business model and strategy to better accommodate the market and consumers.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


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AHS: Poster Session 4
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The Office of Undergraduate Research


24 Replies to “AHS-P4-3. Most Popular Fast Food Places in Germany 2015-2019”

  1. Hello members of the group,
    I always think research and presentations surrounding popular fast food chains are always so intriguing because they usually unveil something I definitely didn’t know prior. McDonalds used to be a staple part of my childhood, but I’ve never been able to eat it in a different country. However, the different fast food chains that I have seen on social media let me know that there are definitely better McDonalds in the world and that their overall quality is upper scale then it is in the states. I couldn’t help but wonder, maybe if the states followed suit with some of these other fast food chains in different countries; would our health and population would thrive? The U.S. has a massive overweight problem, but with adaptions and adjustments to our economy we could combat that more than we are now. I love learning about different countries and cultures, so I thought your presentation was a great topic idea.

  2. Hello! I loved the topic for this presentation and wanted to click on it immediately. As a marketing major, I find it really interesting to see how companies modify their locations when expanding to different places in the world. It was really interesting to hear that changing what McDonald’s is known for, the first and first out method, is essentially to dominating the market in Europe, especially Germany. Learning about how other cultures work is essentially for big companies to dominate new geographical locations. You guys were super informative and I really enjoyed the chart in the center.

  3. Hello Group Members,
    I really enjoyed your presentation and was very intrigued by your research. I enjoyed listening to your issues and how specific you all were with finding solutions for those issues. Your presentation was very well put together and very easy to follow which made it very enjoyable.I specifically found your research about healthier food options very interesting. Many fast food chain restaurants are categorized as having unhealthy food options. Do you think that by these restaurants offering these healthier options they could potentially lose consumers? Also I was wondering if by adjusting to the consumer’s preferences of the menu gaining healthier food options, would McDonalds need to get rid of some of their meals that are the unhealthiest? Once again, great presentation!

  4. This presentation is very interesting and informative presentation. This presentation before I think McDonald’s is all around the world a good sales and that’s going to be the good situation. However, the German response to McDonald’s problem, very interesting. McDonald’s Germany in their own creative and innovative solution to the problem went through creating much about feeling very impressive. To change their logo for the environmentally friendly image is a very good idea. Sometimes a small changes can bring big benefits. In addition, I think all over the world from McDonald’s even thought that would be good. Each country’s culture is different, and the mood reflected a diverse range of needs of consumers every country, like something else and think it is fantastic that we can improve the status of McDonald’s. Overall this presentation brings very perceptive and Impact.

  5. Hello group members,
    Great presentation and unique topic. It’s interesting to see how McDonald’s business strategy in the USA may not apply to every country. What stuck out to me the most, was the fact that they change the logo color from red to green. I searched photos of McDonald’s in Germany after watching your presentation, and it drastically different from here. The information in your presentation brings to light how different business operations in other countries are.

  6. Hello everyone,

    This was a fantastic presentation that was both interesting and informative. I had been entirely unaware of McDonald’s financial difficulty in Germany but this presentation has provided me much insight into the issue. It’s hard to remember that something that is very popular in the US, may not be so popular in other cultures. I feel your team’s ideas for improving McDonald’s performance in Germany were fantastic and could serve to greatly improve their performance. In particular, your idea to appeal to Germany’s eating slow customs by providing a more comfortable atmosphere seems as though it could be a great improvement for them. With that said, I feel your idea to incorporate the color green into their logo would be best suited for a short-term campaign (similar to IHOP’s temporary adjustment to IHOB) to communicate that they are proudly serving fresh foods. Overall, this was a very interesting presentation, and I am glad to have had the opportunity to view it!

  7. Hi everyone!
    This was a very interesting topic. I found it surprising how even though McDonald’s is the number one most popular fast food restaurant in Germany they are not making enough money. I would expect it to make lots of money since it is the most popular. I think offering free wifi and comfy seats would attract more customers. Instead of being a place to grab a quick bite, they can also cater to students and workers who will stay there for awhile. I think changing McDonald’s colors to green and yellow instead of red and yellow would throw off a few people. Most people associate the colors red and yellow to McDonald’d and would be able to notice it from far away. By changing the color, people could mistake it as someplace else.

  8. Good afternoon everyone,
    I enjoyed your presentation about McDonald’s in Germany. I have been to Germany a few times and eaten there. It is not a surprise of how successful McDonald’s is around the world and how each one is different and offers different food in each country. I do like how you suggest that McDonald change its logo for more environmentally friendly in Germany. I do also agree with you on how if every McDonald’s adapt to their consumers in each country, it would benefit them. It is known for consumers in Germany to not be rushed when eating, so changing this in Germany would help them as well.

  9. Hello,

    While changing their color is a good idea to convey that healthier food is being served, it would not be effective unless they did take the correct steps to offer healthier alternatives. I was very surprised that even though they are the most popular, they are losing money. It is very important that they are taking steps to look into increasing their revenue. Since Germans typically like to take their time and not be rushed, a TV would invite them to do that. When going to a place known for serving FAST food, having a TV would give the impression that they are welcome to stay and relax as long as they would like.

  10. Hello,
    I was interested in your presentation in that I am a big fan of Mcdonald’s. I also have friends who are from Germany, so it was very interesting to learn about Mcdonald’s in this unfamiliar country for me. I was surprised that Mcdonald’s was having financial issues. Mcdonald’s in America is such a powerhouse in the fast-food industry, so it was hard to believe that they were having issues in another country. But then again other countries are very different and have different cultures, so it is more understandable that competitors were giving Mcdonalds trouble. I was interested to hear bout how other competitors doing well in Germany, giving Mcdonald’s trouble. Crazy to think that companies could be competitive with Mcdonald’s, as I said because they are such a big company if not the biggest in the fast-food industry. I think that your solutions would help Mcdonald’s in gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors, and feel like that this is even more important in other counties like Germany so that they can stay on top of the fast-food market.

  11. Hello everyone!
    I enjoyed listening about this subject, it was very interesting. I did not know that McDonalds is struggling financially. I was under the impression that other global locations had the same popularity and successful it has in the United States. I agree McDonalds should’ve considered adapting to Germany’s needs and demographic. I don’t agree with the color changing of the McDonalds logo because it is known for its famous yellow and red logo. The idea of putting better furniture in McDonalds is a great idea some people like to go into fast food chains and sit down to eat. Overall ,this was a great topic and goes to show if you want to have a successful fast food chain anywhere you need to adapt to the location. In my personal experience, McDonalds is so different in a foreign country and adapts to the culture and food preferences. Adaptation to clientele and location is so vital for a business to obtain success.

  12. Hello everyone, this was a great presentation and very interesting research topic! It goes to show that all business needs to be adaptable even a huge brand like McDonald’s. I think the research had some great solutions to the problem of losing money, especially the ideas of partnering with local suppliers and farmers to locally source their food, because not only will it appeal to the health-conscious eaters in Germany, but it will also save them money as stated. However, I don’t agree with the idea of switching the logo colors to red and green for the sake of a more “organic” appeal–red and yellow is a brand staple for McDonald’s–and I believe that is one of the few things that should remain a constant with their international franchises.

  13. Hello to all group members,
    Thank you for sharing your elaboration on a fast-food restaurant chain, McDonald’s. I enjoyed your introduction of using their slogan as whether or not they are “loving it”. The poster illustrated highlighted research, clear understandings/ findings, and precise data. I believe that businesses will face challenges when trying to attempt to be more innovative. In cases like McDonald’s, they had an ideal approach, but unfortunately, that didn’t turn out the way they intended. Your group’s solution of broadening McDonald’s perspective on adapting and optimizing their food menu would excel their franchise in different countries such as Germany.

  14. Hello all, the topic of your research is very interesting especially because the United States is always known for being major fast food-eaters. I was aware of the different styles of McDonald’s from around the world and thought that all countries would customize their menus to meet the pallets of their citizens, but I was wrong. What really intrigued me about your presentation is that Germany seems to be falling behind when adapting to the needs of their market. The US is always innovative when it comes to business so it is intriguing to see how other countries do not follow the lead in order to be more successful, especially when hosting an American-originated business such as McDonald’s. Very good presentation, it was clear and concise therefore easy for us to understand even though our knowledge of Germany’s McDonald’s is smaller.

  15. Hi everyone in the group
    I enjoyed your presentation; it’s a very interesting topic. You would think Mcdonald’s, the biggest fast-food conglomerate in the world, would do better in Germany, but it turns out to be the opposite. I found it fascinating that they’re losing revenue in Germany. I agree Mcdonald’s should’ve thought of adapting to customers’ preferences before entering a foreign market to avoid loss in revenue. Changing the logo to yellow and green is an interesting take to promote an eco-friendly image in Europe. I also agree that McDonald’s should support and promote local farmers. Investing in locally farmed goods generates a significant economic advantage, improves health, and reduces environmental impact. It also brings people together and provides them the opportunity to make a difference in their community.

  16. Hi Sommer and team. The first thing I found interesting in your research is that you didn’t initially set out to find how or why McDonalds was performing the way it is in Germany; sometimes research only leads to more questions, not the original answers we expected! As far as your suggestions, I wholehearted agree McDonalds needs to speed up their adaptation to the more health-conscious generations that are now their primary market. I think your simple idea of changing the branding colors to green could have a profound effect, given how much of marketing is psychological. A question that came to mind however, was is McDonalds losing revenue simple because their customer base is dropping, or because of some other unknown factor, like their pricing is simply not sustainable to turn a profit? Did they build their pricing model on the number of American customers they get, and even though they’re still the most popular in Germany, is the volume of customers still lower than America’s to where they can’t turn a profit? Very well done project, and I enjoyed hearing your team’s analysis and suggestions; hopefully one day McDonalds can implement them!

  17. Hello to all the members of the group,
    I really enjoyed your presentation, especially on your topic of Mcdonalds’ decline in revenue and customer satisfaction. I found it really interesting how a global fast-food chain can experience such difficulties and challenges despite its long reputation and line of loyal customers. On your discussion of suggestions/recommendations to improve the situation, I highly agree that different cultures and countries need adjustments and changes to accommodate the local lifestyle. Also, when it was presented that interior design should be changed, this made a lot of sense since many Europeans enjoy watching sports outside of their homes, and allowing comfort to accommodate this need is something I would agree with. Overall, this presentation highly intrigued me, as I am also a previous fan of Mcdonald’s. Moving along, I really hope I can receive the opportunity to watch similar presentations regarding popular global brand chains similar to your team’s approach.

    Fantastic work to everyone in the team!

  18. Hello everyone,
    I really enjoyed reading and listening to your presentation about McDonald’s in Germany. It caught my attention that McDonald’s is actually losing money there. I think the solutions to consumer preferences regarding the dining experience is a great idea. Europeans want to enjoy their time eating and should be able to do so with more comfortable seating because they are not rushed to get in and out. I think the concerns regarding health will be difficult for McDonald’s to fully address. When people want to eat healthy, they do not consider going to McDonald’s. Their business strategy is to offer fast food at the lowest prices. That is challenging when trying to tackle healthier food options and ingredients. Will McDonald’s have to reinvent their whole business strategy to continue to appeal to European customers? Will it be worth the costs to drastically change stores in Germany, rather than focusing on other markets? Overall, great presentation!

  19. Hello members of the group!

    I love how well put together and organized your poster is. You presented your research very well and was knowledgeable about your research topic.

    I recently had a conversation with a friend about McDonald’s. He told me that McDonald’s is not only making profit off of their burgers and fries, rather they are making more profit from land and franchise. Majority of their revenue comes from real estate and franchising, which is not uncommon for large fast food chains like McDonald’s.

    I think it’s critical for Germany to adapt to their culture and people’s taste in order to increase revenue. Similar with China, they have way different food than what we have here in the US. This explains your group’s findings on how consumers have different preferences depending where they are in the world.

    McDonald’s is a symbol of fast foods! By adjusting to consumer’s preferences, they will definitely increase revenues in the future!

  20. Good Afternoon, I was really impressed with your presentation. I was actually very interested in this topic because I knew that McDonalds was financially struggling, but did not know how they could fix it. I found that your recommendations would be very beneficial. Europeans are very slow eaters, so targeting them will possibly help with consumer turnover. I also agree that the Mcdonalds brand for being known as fast food restaurant is outdated, and that they need an update. I think that changing the colors of the label would create a sense of excitement for consumers and show them that Mcdonalds is working on their brand and care about their consumers. I really enjoyed your poster presentation and was excited to listen to more.

  21. Hi to all group members,
    This was an interesting project to look into. The topic presented caught my eye. One thing that stood out to me was the success of American fast food companies in Germany. It can be assumed that there are similar trends in other countries. I have been to a few countries and have definitely seen American fast food brick-and-mortar standings. The project presented makes me further question the success and adaptation of these companies. How successful is the Dominos I saw in Japan? As for Germany in particular, I am glad that the influence of McDonald’s on culture and environment was emphasized. It’s interesting to see how companies adapt to their environment. One example of this are the country-specific menus and offerings. This is vital to the success of the company. There must be menu choices that are familiar to customers of the area, as well as mindful of their typical choices or habits which plays into health. It would be interesting to see a comparison of nutritional values for a cheeseburger from an American McDonald’s versus a cheeseburger from a German McDonald’s. Overall, congratulations on your project! I enjoyed learning more about this topic.

  22. Hello to all members of the group,
    I would like to say that your topic is very interesting. I believe that almost everyone in the world knows what McDonalds is and we are completely aware of the success it has all around the world. For this reason, it is surprising to know that even though it is still the number one fast food restaurant in Germany, they are starting to lose money. Certainly, imagining a place where this restaurant is not eminent is difficult, specially for us since we live in a country where fast food is very prominent. I like the way you guys laid out your advices based on the information collected. However, I would have liked to see an area where there is a comparison and contrast with another fast food restaurant that is doing economically good. Having a reference to another restaurant may help to analyze what is that McDonalds is not doing correctly. As well as what other solutions can de advised to them.
    Altogether, congratulations on the research!

  23. Hello members of the group,
    I really enjoyed your presentation about McDonalds in Germany. As someone who has never really eaten fast food it was interesting to me how one of the most popular food establishments in Germany could be loosing profit. I am familiar with European countries and know that they take their food a little more seriously than us in the United States. One thought I had while watching your presentation was, if McDonalds were to cater more of their food to the health needs of those in the specific country, would their profit increase? I know that healthier food would mean an increase in production costs for the company, however, could this be offset by the increase in consumers? Great presentation!

  24. Hello there group members,
    I am very interested in your research on Mcdonalds in Germany because I myself have traveled abroad many times and have eaten at McDonalds’s in Asia, Europe, and South America. I too find it that Mcdonalds is extremely popular in all these continents. Every time I eat at one of them they are always packed with customers. I agree with your finding on that the consumers have different preferences in other countries and and around the world. My time at Mcdonalds in other countries I have noticed that most consumers tend to eat healthier then the average American. The menus are different and they try and appeal as a healthy option. I however did not know that in Germany they actually changed the color of the sign, that is very cool and unique. I also noticed that People abroad do tend to sit down and take much longer to eat their meals, so I think your idea of Mcdonalds implemting more comfortable seating would actually be very benefitial for there sales. Mcdonalds is so iconic that I hope they can increase their sales again in Germany!

    Great work!

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