OREO-3. Potential Effectiveness of Bacterial and Plant Bioremediation at Restoring Heavy Metal Polluted Soil

Viktoriia Udovichenko1
Amy Choi
Nicole Jensen
Nikki Adams
Brittny Mikhaiel2
Faculty Mentor: Levent Atici, Ph.D.3
1West Career and Technical Academy
2College of Sciences, School of Life Sciences
3Division of Research, Office of Undergraduate Research

Heavy metal pollution in soil affects not only human health and agriculture but also plant growth, plant genetics, and microbial communities. Solutions such as bioremediation have been proposed, entailing the introduction of microorganisms and plants that can break down pollutants. This study will analyze a variety of peer-reviewed academic journals to assess the viability of using bioremediation to combat heavy metal pollution. In situ bioremediation techniques have proven more effective than ex situ techniques or bioreactors (Vidali, 2001). This study specifically covers two types of in situ bioremediation: microbial and plant bioremediation. The effectiveness of using different bioremediation techniques will be evaluated in terms of adverse effects on the microbial ecosystem within the soil, the time taken to decontaminate the soil, and other factors that should be considered.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research


2 Replies to “OREO-3. Potential Effectiveness of Bacterial and Plant Bioremediation at Restoring Heavy Metal Polluted Soil”

  1. Hello Viktoriia!
    I really appreciate you shedding light on the dangers of heavy metal pollution! I feel as a society we have a tendency to focus on our own instant gratification and thus fail to prepare for the inevitable consequences of our lifestyles. This is displayed by our lack of acknowledgment of climate change and even how little we teach of the negative impacts that pollution has on our health as a society. What I loved most about your presentation is your inherent focus on what we can do to improve our situation and reverse the damaging effects of heavy metal pollution on our soil!

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