AHS-P7-1. Queering the Narrative: A Review of Interpersonal and Structural Vulnerabilities Faced by Transgender Americans

Adrianne Dizon1
Taylor Flaherty2
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Byrnes, Ph.D.2
1College of Sciences, Department of Life Sciences
2College of Liberal Arts, Department of Anthropology

Transgender and Gender Expansive (TGE) Americans face immense structural vulnerabilities, including difficulties in employment, legal protection, and equitable healthcare accessibility. TGE individuals also experience interpersonal violence through verbal or physical harassment, discrimination, hate crimes, and sexual assault.[1,2] Further, race and gender coalesce to create intersecting identities; for example, TGE women of color are the most at-risk group regarding socioeconomic status, immigration, incarceration and education.[3,4] The TGE population also suffers from a shorter life expectancy (x̄=28.2 years)[5] compared to the average U.S. life expectancy (78.9 years).[6] Unfortunately, the lack of standardized data collection prevents comprehensive analyses of the effects of structural and interpersonal violence on the TGE community.[4] To catalyze a more thorough understanding of this topic, a literature review was conducted to analyze key themes surrounding TGE lives. Studies from the last 10 years were collected using the keywords “structural vulnerability,” “interpersonal violence,” and “transgender.” Twenty-two sources were reviewed in which 7 referenced structural vulnerabilities, 6 interpersonal violence, and 9 both factors; all included transgender identities. Four representative case studies were then chosen to illustrate the thematic findings and prevalence of violence.[5] This literature suggests that structural vulnerabilities and violence put TGE individuals at disproportionate risks of lethal violence. Americans should diligently invest in re-education programs, representative legality, and gender-inclusive healthcare. As social justice movements usher global momentum, a standardized database of deceased TGE individuals and appropriate gender identification in the U.S. census must be adapted.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


AHS: Poster Session 7
The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research


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