HNSE-P2-1. Recycling Methods for MAPbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells

Donald Chicas1
Faculty Mentor: Shubhra Bansa, Ph.D.1
1Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering


Halide perovskite solar cells (HPSCs) are a promising renewable energy technology due to their high efficiency and large-scale processing. Many HPSCs utilize lead, presenting health, environmental, and regulatory issues. To mitigate these issues, recycling processes for HPSCs have been researched. This mitigates the risk of lead leakage into the environment while reducing the cost of HPSCs over time. The current methodologies of recycling HPSCs will be reviewed, scrutinizing how recovered lead can be used to manufacture PSCs. To evaluate the efficacy of these recycling methods, the material recoverability and recycled device performance will be considered. Through this, recycling methods that yield high purity precursors for the manufacture of HPSCs will be proposed.




Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


HNSE: Poster Session 2
The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research


4 Replies to “HNSE-P2-1. Recycling Methods for MAPbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells”

  1. What is going on Donald! First off let me congratulate you on the outstanding presentation that you conducted for this symposium. You spoke with so much enthusiasm and you conducted yourself as the professional you are. Through this presentation not only have you helped me but I am sure the other viewers understand that there are more recycling methods. Not only that there are more recycling methods but they can recycle utilizing Perovskite Solar Cells. Before watching this presentation I did not even know what a Perovskite Solar Cell was, with your information it not only pushed knowledge and educated me but ensured that because I know of other ways to recycle I will be okay in society through using them.

  2. Hi Donald. How did you get interested in this topic? What would you do differently if you repeated your tests?

    1. Hello Dr. Marti,

      I got interested in this topic because perovskite solar cells have the potential to be commercialized for energy production. Some of their concerns, such as their lead usage and stability issues, could be better resolved if all materials could be reused and recycled. I intend to investigate if both those issues could be resolved by recycling degraded perovskite solar cells while maintaining comparable performances to fresh cells.

      With the KOH and DMF methods, I would be interested in seeing how they could be made cyclical, like what the BA method achieved, by recovering lead from each solution. This would require investigating how the PbI2 could be recovered from each solution, the purity of the PbI2, and observing how recycled materials could be used to manufacture new cells. With the BA method, however, I would see how using other amines could be used to decompose the cells and recover PbI2 from degraded cells. Thank you for your questions!

      Donald Chicas

  3. Welcome attendees! Please post your questions or comments in the comment section. Thank you!

    Donald Chicas

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