AHS-P7-8. Teachers’ Experience with Lack of Resources in Classrooms

Susan Florian1
Faculty Mentor: Magdalena Martinez, Ph.D.2
1College of Liberal Arts, Department of Political Science
2Greenspun College of Urban Affairs, School of Public Policy and Leadership

Teachers that are working in Nevada are experiencing problems with insufficient materials. The overall purpose of this study is to provide information about their struggles with materials in the Clark County School District. What are teachers’ experiences with shortages of resources, and how does it impact their teaching strategies? Teachers’ experiences are important to note. Their experiences matter in finding the problems they face is essential to aid them with suitable materials. Finding solutions to their needs will improve their teaching strategies and personal spending, but children will also get the proper materials they deserve. The selection was composed of three different teachers from three different schools within the Clark County School District. This study generates a qualitative understanding of teachers’ experiences. Most teachers explained the different levels of frustration with the administration and the lack of resources they experienced. Analysis shows that this increases stress levels, personal spending, and teacher attrition. These methods and responses should help the administration improve the school system and express their employee’s concerns to decision-makers to receive the proper and necessary resources. Certain limitations to this study are important to note, but the overall evidence proves that these problems negatively impact teachers’ experiences.

This research was funded by UNLV’s TRIO McNair Scholars Institute, which is housed within UNLV’s Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach and funded under the TRIO Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program by a grant (P217A170069) from the U.S. Department of Education. 


Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


AHS: Poster Session 7
The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research


4 Replies to “AHS-P7-8. Teachers’ Experience with Lack of Resources in Classrooms”

  1. Hi Susan,
    My mother has worked for CCSD for almost a decade now, and I have been through the CCSD school system for my K-12 education. This conversation definitely resonates with me! Overcrowding of classrooms is a large issue and I’m glad you highlighted that in your research. I would agree that a lack of resources, tools and materials will negatively impact the learning environment for students. Teacher shortages is a huge issue that is filtering into more obstacles for schools. More should be done for teachers as they are the ones teaching our students. Great work!

  2. Good afternoon Susan! Your presentation was not only amazing but so very true. The funding teachers are receiving for teaching is merely enough. You have a lot of great information on the topic as well as insight. I can also tell that you are very passionate about the topic and plan to make a change. I believe you can make a change by sharing your knowledge on this subject and grabbing the attention of people who can influence a difference.

  3. Susan,

    This is such an important topic, and I’m glad you had the opportunity to do research in this area. I really enjoyed reading the quotes, but the part anti-immigrant rhetoric really broke my heart. I love that you pulled in informing policy as an implication for this research. The more we as researchers focus on issues like this, the more likely we will be to motivate lawmakers to make a difference. Great job!


  4. Hello, Susan!
    Your presentation was very informative and insightful but, the audio of the presentation is not the best. Your poster was very organized and simple but it is very wordy. I really like your presentation topic. I feel like it is very important because, teachers experiences and lack of resources, also impact the students education and that is what matters the most. Teachers also shouldn’t be buying course/classroom material out of pocket, the schools should be. Overall it was a great presentation!

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