AHS-L1-1. Teaching for Black and Brown Lives: The Importance of Ethnic Studies Curriculum in the Educational Success of Black and Latinx Students in Nevada

Kendra Beach1
Norma A. Marrun1
Averill Kelley1
Rosemary Q. Flores1
Lauren Patterson2
Faculty Mentor: Christine Clark, Ph.D.1
1College of Education, Department of Teaching and Learning
2College of Education, Department of Counselor Education, School Psychology, and Human Services

This study identifies school policies and practices that create a gap in support for Ethnic Studies for high school graduation, college graduation, and teacher licensures. The first method was interviewing specific stakeholders through zoom who were in the position for the purpose of the research. The interviewed participants answered questions about the policies related to Ethnic studies, practice school policies, and implications of the ratification of Ethnic study policies in Nevada. The second method was analyzing Nevada state and Department of Education policies relating to teacher education. Interpreting how UNLV teacher licensure programs apply those policies in the preparation curriculum. Results from the methods were initial findings were 75% of the student population in CCSD are students of color, but there are still limited clubs that surround racialized experiences. Although students who participated in racial/ethnic club activities led to more enrollment in elective courses. Ethnic studies are considered along with social studies and “diversity studies”, which need to be differentiated from one another. Ethnic study courses can be a valuable enhancement to build cross-racial solidarity and create opportunities to make sense of school experiences. It is critical to make a foundation for success for Students of Color and Families of color in many schools and communities in CCSD.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


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The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research


2 Replies to “AHS-L1-1. Teaching for Black and Brown Lives: The Importance of Ethnic Studies Curriculum in the Educational Success of Black and Latinx Students in Nevada”

  1. Hello! Personally, I do wish you had more time to give some background about each policy you went over rather than read off each one of the slides. However, given the time it’s good to fit in key points of your presentation. I think the pace of the video was nice and steady, none of it feels too rushed or too slow. It would have been amazing to see some of the interviews from your research. Some of the slides were a bit too wordy to look at in my opinion. For the future, I would recommend summarizing the points, and when you present you can go more in-depth. Overall great job on your presentation!

  2. Hello! Great presentation! I liked your pace and tone throughout the video. You seem very confident and knowledgeable about your topic. One thing that I would recommend for next time is to put less writing on your slides, or break them up so there isn’t so much writing on one slide. It can be distracting to the viewer and it may cluttered. If you have less writing on one slide, it is easier for the viewer to pay attention. Amazing job overall!

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