OREO-9. The Impact of Mask Wearing Upon The Epidemiological Transmission Dynamics of COVID-19 in Nevada Public Schools

Iris Cong1
Shayaan Zaidi
Nicole Whan
Brittny Mikhaiel2
Faculty Mentor: Levent Atici, Ph.D.2
1The Meadows School
2College of Sciences, School of Life Sciences
3Division of Research, Office of Undergraduate Research

COVID-19 is an infectious disease which is caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which likely mutated from infecting animals to infecting humans. The first case was reported in December 2019, leading to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The effectiveness of facial coverings in preventing the spread of the virus has been consistently questioned by the public. Along with a lack of full knowledge concerning epidemiological transmission of COVID-19, students becoming infected by the virus is a new concern for youth in school. The primary goal of the study is to synthesize known information about general mask effectiveness in regards to COVID-19 transmission dynamics in public schools with local student statistics concerning the spread of COVID-19 in Nevada public schools. This is done in an effort to both explain the rise in COVID-19 transmission across Nevada public schools and to address the importance of mask wearing in these schools as a means of combating the increased spread of COVID-19.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research


16 Replies to “OREO-9. The Impact of Mask Wearing Upon The Epidemiological Transmission Dynamics of COVID-19 in Nevada Public Schools”

  1. Hello Iris, Shayann, Britney, and Nicole,
    I enjoyed your presentation. Maybe just adding a few more slides with details can help viewers be more involved. Overall it was a great informative presentation. Good Jobs!!

  2. Hello Everyone,
    I really liked your presentation and found it very informative. The structure of your presentation made it very easy to understand your research. I found your findings on cloth masks being able to emit 50%-70% of particles very shocking. I genuinely thought that cloth masks weren’t very effective considering how thin some materials can be. I also found your statistics about CCSD’s data on confirmed covid 19 cases astonishing. I believed the cases were much lower and it’s very unsettling how many kids are at risk of coming in contact with covid 19. I do believe it is very important to enforce the use of masks anywhere you go. Did you find out what protocols schools have in order to comply with the mask mandate? Are the children required to wear masks during recess and p.e.? If they aren’t requiring masks during recess or p.e. should they begin to enforce it and would that possibly reduce the number of positive cases? Overall really awesome presentation, you all did great!

  3. Great and informative presentation! You made impactful points with your research which is extremely important to our communities. Even though some of these facts may seem like common sense, it’s nice to have a graph or further explanation to these claims. I found the graph with the comparison between schools with and without mask mandates relevant and it contributed well to your points. I didn’t expect elementary school students to be the most affected out of the different people in CCSD. It is sad that many primary sources confirmed that they were not following safety protocols as strictly, but it was also important to expose that part of the issue. The only critique I had for you was that some parts felt like an overload of information and it was too fast. Other than that, overall this was a fascinating presentation and it was easy to stay tuned in.

  4. This presentation was very interesting and a great presentation with clear research purposes. This presentation was able to learn and know our problems carefully by dealing with very big issues in our society. Through this study, we were able to predict how the results would be if we didn’t wear masks for a while. Also, I think this study can be a clear proof of the purpose of wearing masks. Through this presentation, we were able to think more deeply about the seriousness of social problems and our solutions. Lastly, I hope that everyone will practice wearing masks together and that the COVID-19 issue in our society will end soon.

  5. Hello Group Members,

    This was a great presentation that provided very interesting and valuable information about the importance of mask-wearing. Needless to say, this topic has been hotly debated and I appreciate your willingness to discuss the topic in the face of such controversy. Additionally, your presentation and statements were backed by statistical evidence which served to reduce the negative association many might have with these hotly debated topics. I will watch very closely as this issue continues to develop in our schools. Thank you for this very interesting and informative presentation.

  6. I am glad you all chose to do a topic that was meaningful and relevant to today. This video quickly introduced the issue in which what they impacts are of wearing mask and how these masks have either positively or detrimental effective the state of Nevada. You all regarded factual statistics to answer what the impacts are with wearing mask as supposed to not wearing mask. Seeing that the mask are an essential part of continuing a safety environment, this presentation proved just that. Only suggestion I have is that the speaker can be a little bit more intriguing by which the tone in your voice just make it more inviting so that people will be engaged with your presentation rather than be disengaged because of the tone of your voice. You all did a great job!

  7. Hello group members,
    Thank you for your informational presentation on mask wearing. It is very controversial in society, and you provide statistical evidence as to how it protects us from COVID-19. I believe this can help people who are opposed to wearing masks, to show them that their is a benefit to wearing one and can prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  8. This was a really good presentation and I really enjoyed listening to it and seeing the statistics of this. This was a very controversial topic and I like that there was a very unbiased view and it was simply about the facts and statistics that have been done. The information given in this presentation was clear and concise and provided adequate knowledge and facts to support the overall claim at the end of the presentation. Overall, we see that wearing a mask does in fact limit the spread of the virus, or at least it does in fact limit the number of people that contract the virus. I really enjoyed the presentation and I think the visuals were a great addition to the presentation, it also was not too crowded to where I was paying more attention to the visuals than the speaking. I was able to clearly focus on the speaking portion and analyze and listen to what the presenter had to say.

  9. Hello everyone,
    This is definitely a very important topic in today’s time. We are in a global pandemic/crisis due to COVID-19. This virus is something the world has never seen before. It was a great idea to mandate mask out here in Nevada, but it is only going to work if everyone follows the guidelines. Your explanation on how COVID-19 can spread was great and accurate. All it takes is one droplet to spread and infect human beings. Masks should stay mandated until the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Your presentation was excellent and possessed helpful information that can be used to keep the world be safe from such an infectious virus. Once again, great job!

  10. Hello group members,
    Thank you for sharing your research on how masks can prevent the spread of COVID-19. I feel that society is more likely to go off social biases about masks before researching to conclude a definite answer. I enjoyed the data that was illustrated to put things into perspective with how covid has spread with and without masks. In addition, providing a data set that exemplifies the number of cases throughout public schools in Las Vegas during this year. Great job on the underlying issue at hand and how there is a solution to limiting COVID cases based on studies and quantitive research.

  11. Hello team members of this research!

    I loved how you chose you cover such an important topic concerning COVID-19 & mask mandates. Your presentation was very eye catching and organized, also providing clear and concise information.

    Mask mandates are CRUCIAL, especially where people are stuck together in a small crowded space. It is significantly important for schools to execute mask mandates because young students are staying more than 7 hours a day in school; in small classrooms where students may be contacted with COVID-19 fairly easy.

    Although mask mandates do help with spreading the virus, I do believe it is a better option to provide remote learning for a longer period of time until the pandemic has significantly died down. Younger students such as kindergarteners and elementary schoolers do not have enough self responsibility to keep their mask on at all times. It is up to the teachers to keep them on track which provides more of a burden for students. What’s more important is that many of these education providers are the ones getting COVID-19. I receive daily emails regarding staffs at my younger brother’s high-school getting contacted with COVID-19.

    Masks mandates are highly important but I believe there should be further precautions to help spreading the virus. Overall, good job on your research and well done presentation!

  12. I think your explanation how how COVID can be spread in public places by performing any movement involving the respiratory system can cause tiny droplets to fly onto surfaces/people spreading the infection, shows why the government has mandated masks in public schools. 50-70% of the particles being blocked off by the mask would cause a significant decrease in the possibility of spreading COVID. With evidence showing that schools without a mask mandate have a higher percentage of covid cases, it seems that masks maybe do help the prevention. I think you did a great job only mentioning the important parts of your presentation verbally and having your poster go into a little bit more depth.

  13. I liked how this presentation points out how one of the prime reasons as to why COVID-19 cases are still occurring within Clark County, despite the mask/social distancing mandates. Although wearing masks and social distancing is useful, it is only successful if it is being strictly followed by the students and enforced by the staff and teachers. A few minutes of not strictly following the rules could easily lead to increased infections. Overall, this was a very insightful presentation!

  14. Hello to all group members,

    All around great job on this project. This is an extremely relevant topic and it serves a great purpose for Las Vegas and further COVID-19 research. This study can help demonstrate the effectiveness and importance of proper mask wearing. This study is especially useful for public schools in Las Vegas, and across the country. The project is also helpful because it serves as a “one-stop shop” for relevant information. I hope this study goes out to further inform public schools. It would be interesting to see new findings on masks+vaccination status.

  15. The topic of your research is very important as it concerns the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. The information provided regarding the effectiveness of cloth masks protecting against the emission of droplets helps strengthen that masks are an effective medical intervention. Your specific population focus acts as a microcosm to demonstrate how masks can be used to slow the spread of Covid-19. Many other states and countries would benefit from seeing this study hopefully persuading the opinions of the importance of masks. Overall the presentation was presented well and contained quality information, great job!

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