AHS-P1-3. The Spanish Culture and Eating Out

Michelle Breucop1
Kevin Kenny1
Teresa Huynh2
Kurt Greener3
Faculty Mentor: Kimberly Nehls, Ph.D.1
1Lee Business School, Department of Marketing and International Business
2Lee Business School, Department of Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology
3Lee Business School, Department of Accounting

Cultures apart from the American offer important and various perspectives on how other cultures value time and social events. In the year of 2019, there was a substantial rate of out-of-home consumption of food. The most frequented locations were establishments that offered a more social environment, such as restaurants and cafes. Our purpose is to break down the reasoning behind the outside food consumption in social places rather than the opposing scenario of hosting social events in the household, leading to at-home consumption of food. We want to ask the question of what are the cultural influences that lead Spaniards to opt for dining out for social occasions rather than in? In addition to this question, do the seasons affect this relationship? By reviewing Spanish articles and works, we are able to gain insight into their culture and their relationship with socialization and food consumption. In addition, our methodology of research will be through analyzing trends in a descriptive assessment with graphs, charts, etc. The significance of culture and its role in small decisions such as eating out or staying in, have yet to be explored. We offer a potential explanation for the phenomenon.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


AHS: Poster Session 1
The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research


7 Replies to “AHS-P1-3. The Spanish Culture and Eating Out”

  1. Hello everyone!
    Overall, great presentation and I really like how you demonstrated the connections found throughout the research. The poster was very organized, easy to read, concise, and very appealing. It’s always interesting to learn new things about different cultures, especially when I am not familiar with their characteristics. It’s also great to know that socializing and eating out is an important factor in the culture. I wonder if the COVID-19 pandemic played any role negatively or positively impacting this topic? Once again, great job!

  2. Hello everyone!
    Thank you so much for this poster. I am an international student from Barcelona, Spain and when I saw this poster about our culture I got really excited. I agree with everything mentioned in the poster. We are very social people and we definitely love eating out with a group of people and socialize. After living in the US for about four years now, I noticed that there is a big culture difference between the US and Spain. Spaniards love hanging out for a long time and have a conversation with their coffee and cigarettes after a meal out and Americans instead, when they are done eating, they rush to go. Another thing that I have noticed is that Americans generally do not have a lot of time for lunch break and Spaniards instead have around two hours to go out with their coworkers and have a proper meal and drinks out.

    Very interesting poster! Great job.

  3. First off, you all did a fantastic job with your presentation. Everything is well organized and easy to follow. I think your poster looks fantastic; it’s aesthetically pleasing, short, and concise. It’s always fascinating to learn about other cultures and how they differ from Americans. For instance, how you guys mentioned culture being the primary cause of Spain’s out-of-home food expenditures, as it reinforces a sense of belonging within the community. It amazes me that Spainards can maintain a healthy social life by eating out frequently, especially how someone can sit at a restaurant and anticipate another local approaching them. Great job!

  4. Hello everyone!
    Very interesting presentation. It’s always very important to learn about different cultures, for me, it’s very interesting how food and culture relate and make a good match.
    I really think that the fact that people socialize in restaurants, cafes, and bars it’s good for the economy because that means that a restaurant it’s likely to always be full and have many employees. Probably the weather it’s also an important fact because in Spain most of the restaurants have outdoor tables and many people enjoy eating there.
    Congratulations on your presentation!

  5. Hi, everyone great job on your research! I found the topic so interesting since this topic is likely something many people can relate to. I have done research before on different cultures and their relationship with food and I always learn something unique. I want to say you guys did a great job illustrating why it is important for Spanish people to eat out. It is important culturally to be social outside of their home. Culture definitely plays a big part. Although the majority of Americans likely eat out to celebrate events little, small, planned, or impromptu it is nothing like Spanish culture. I cannot that sitting outside of a cafe on a busy street or plaza would have social significance in America as people rarely talk outside of their tables. I find it interesting eating out plays a big social role among companions respondents may or may not be with when dining out.

  6. Hello everyone! Great presentation. The group did a nice job of organizing all the information and explaining the poster. I enjoyed watching and learned something new. Thank you!

  7. Welcome everyone! We want to thank you all for attending and sharing your time with us! Please feel free to ask any questions or give any feedback! We’d appreciate any interaction. Thanks so much, and stay safe.

    – Michelle Breucop, Kevin Kenny, Teresa Huynh, Kurt Greener

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