AHS-P4-8. The Uniqueness of Japan’s Love for Vending Machines

Vanessa Sanchez1
Faculty Mentor: Kimberly Nehls, Ph.D.1
1Lee Business School, Department of Marketing and International Business

Japan is widely known for their advancement in technology. One main use of technology in Japan is the frequent use of vending machines. They have a vending machine for just about anything, from the normal food and beverage to cigarettes and alcohol. In this research, there will be a further analysis of the many types of vending machines that are available in Japan. Specifically focusing on the vending machines that sell beyond the normal food and beverage. The main point will be to provide further detailed data for the uniqueness of usage of vending machines in japan.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


AHS: Poster Session 4
The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research


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  1. Hi Vanessa,
    I loved your presentation! I was able to visit Japan about 4 years ago and can confirm everything you discussed. The number of vending machines in Japan is definitely a stark constant to what we have in the United States. I only saw food & beverage vending machines when I went, so learning that they also offer bouquet and formal wear ones is a surprise! One of the reasons I love Japan is because of how convenience focused their society is, and vending machines are a primarily example of this. I didn’t know how much revenue Japan generated from them, however. I know many Japanese people will walk/bike to work rather than drive, so it makes sense why the vending machine industry is so profitable. I also appreciate how you listed the odder items in Japan’s vending machines. Your presentation was so engaging and refreshing to watch. Awesome job!

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