HNSE-P1-2. Zeolite/ZVI System of the Treatment of Nutrients in Urban Runoff

Joe Carlos Costa Rodriguez1
Tremyia Campbell1
Jasminn Gray2
Faculty Mentor: Jacimaria Batista, Ph.D.1
1Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction
2College of Sciences, School of Life Sciences

Algal blooms have taken place in Lake Mead, Nevada, and a major bloom occurred in 2001. One reason for algal blooms at Lake Mead is excess of nutrients from runoff water discharge during rainy seasons. Algal blooms in lakes and rivers are a sign of eutrophication – an excessive growth of plant life that leads to death of animal life from lack of oxygen. In addition, algal blooms impact the use of water as a drinking source because of the presence of algal toxins. Nutrients that cause algae bloom include ammonia, nitrate, and phosphorus. The objective of this research is to implement a passive system that removes nutrients from runoff water. If successful, such a system could be integrated into runoff street gutters to remove nutrients.
To test the viability of this system, a dual-media consisting of zero-valent iron (ZVI) and zeolite, was built. A synthetic runoff water solution is fed to the columns using a peristaltic pump. The synthetic runoff water composition mimics that of a typical runoff in Las Vegas. The system can be operated at retention times of 30 -180 minutes. The influent and effluent water to the column are sampled daily and the concentration of nitrate, phosphorus, and ammonia are analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the system. It is expected that ammonia will be removed in the zeolite and nitrate will be reduced by ZVI. In addition, microbes growing on the media might be able to remove phosphorus.


Nov 15 - 19 2021


All Day


HNSE: Poster Session 1
The Office of Undergraduate Research


The Office of Undergraduate Research


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  1. I found your presentation very interesting. You both did a great job explaining the research questions and methodologies.

  2. Hello! Great presentation. I like how organized and professional your poster looks. One thing I would work on is making sure you catch your breath while you present. Sometimes it felt a bit rushed but it definitely something that you can work on to have better speaking skills while you present. You were definitely knowledgeable on your topic and it all looked great. Amazing job!

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